Niosomes & Phytosomes




Hyaluronic acid


Centella asiatica

PAPILOCARE® vaginal gel is a product with an innovative and patented formula, with ingredients of natural origin, some of them contained in niosomes and phytosomes that facilitates their penetration in the deeper layers of the epithelium and increase the effectiveness. 


The encapsulated hyaluronic acid within the niosomes hydrates the tissues and provides elasticity to the mucosa. Β-glucan fulfills anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions, thereby maintaining the structure and functionality of the mucosa. The active ingredients of Asian Centella, thanks to phytosomal technology, penetrate the basal layers of the epithelium and stimulate the activation of collagen. 

Niosomal and phytosomal technologies allow faster and deeper absorption of the active ingredients, hyaluronic acid and β-glucan, as well as Centella asiatica. The integration of these active principles in spherical form increases their effect thanks to the action at the basal level of the cells of the epithelium.

Dr. Fernando Losa 

(Clinical Gynecologist Sagrada Familia)